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NewsLetter - July 2018

Chairman's Remarks

For once this has been a real "SUMMER" and no doubt many will have enjoyed the freedom for activities and Holidays outdoor. However, the members who have continued to participate and support here I salute you. This ensures we are able to continue to provide an all year facility! Long may this continue.

We are still vying for our long term future and there is no certainty here despite many runours. Our lease expires in 3 years (2021) and I will always keep you informed of any developments.

The club is having to upgrade many statutory responsibilities required by H'pool Borough Council. This is compulsory bearing in mind our building is 46 years old. Costs to the club going forward are natural, bearing in mind this includes electrical fixings, fire alarms, emergency lighting legionella monitoring and mechanical/gas checks. Hopefully this will ensure our future to 2021 (and perhaps beyond). In view of the above we will maintain the refurbishment fund and use this for any other improvements considered necessary, any contributions are appreciated and we will monitor all improvements/changes.

Due to increases in the minimum/living wage the directors have agreed to increase he membership fees by £5 (now £65). There will be no increase in rink fees. This is the first change since 2014.

Our membership has remained at status quo once again but we must not be complacent and endeavour to stimulate further - work colleagues, friends and outdoor bowlers not engaging in our sport here. The junior section still needs investment whether it be family or friends (coaching is still on a Saturday 9am to 10:30am).

The new general date protection regulation (GDPR) rules relating to the collection and use of "personal data" come into force May 2018. This affects the way we collect and process members personal data. This has been a headache initially and will be expanded on below/

I look forward to seeing you all soon and I hope you all have a good 2018-19 season.

Best Wishes 

David Kilner - Chairman of Directors


Currently under review with HUFC for the coming season.


Fees for 2018-19 are as follows;

Full Membership £65.00

New Starters £50.00

U18 Members £15,00

U14 Members £5.00

Social Members £5.00

Lockers £3.00

Rink Fees to remain at £4.00 (per 2 hour session)


These fees are reviewed annually in the best interests of the club.


The new season will start from Monday 3rd September 2018. Please ensure your teams are aware of start dates.