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Alex Portway


top10 questions

1. Favourite Bowls & Rink Positions?

--- Henselite Tiger & 3rd

2. Age of Denny Debut?

--- 18

3. Best Denny Moment?

--- Semi Final of the Denny Cup 2013

4. Best Denny Game You're participated in?

---The best is one we lost. We played Cumbria and it was nip and tuck

all the way through, our rink was holding game and Stuart Airey with

his last bowl, produced an absolute worldie and we lost overall by

one shot. Not the best result but what a game!

5. Your Best Individual Denny Performance?

---Playing Lead in the Denny Cup semi final. I outbowled the opposing lead throughout the game and in the end our rink must have won by about 25 shots.

6. Most Competitive Teammate?

--- Paul Mosley

7. Favourite Club Opponent?

--- Cumbria

8. Worst Denny Moment?

---South Shields game in 2019/20. When the scores came through from Shields it was crippling.

9. Team Joker?

--- Glenn Skipp

10. What is it like to play in the Denny?

---No day beats a Denny Day. Playing with your mates and being part of the best squad that your club & town can put out is a great feeling.